Secure the growth of your story

I create the atmosphere which makes your clients extra happy with your product as well as the service that goes along with it, and that empowers you to develop your favourite business smoothly — without constant fuss and financial uncertainty.

1. Consumer experience

Every step of a client interacting with a company, from the website to human communication – all the little things that are practical or not, all aspects of making it more straightforward and humane. The growth in the number of clients referred by their friends should become a long-term result of this work.

2. Financial planning

Creating instruments for on-going evaluation of costs of everything that you have. The comparison will give you an understanding of whether your business is growing. And it will also highlight what brings you most income (or what decreases it). Let’s add focus on the future – a financial model with the income and expenses planned for months ahead.

3. Conflict resolution

Searching for a solution suitable for all parties in a crisis situation. Managing meetings between participants in the dispute. Diplomatic and balanced approach to the arguments of all interested parties.

4. Search for points of growth

Analysis of all the directions that bring profit. By the end of the session we will have a clear understanding of what can be your focus for achieving better results. As the next step we will identify the strategy and the plan of its implementation, including the marketing part.

5. Product grid

What products are you currently missing to make your client buy more and come back more often? It is another aspect of work aimed at driving your clients’ satisfaction – not only it is important to ensure smooth communication, but also to offer the right range of products.

6. Optimisation of internal routine processes

Everything that is boring but useful – facilitation of orders management, all kinds of integrations with the website, cash accounts, acquiring, flow and resource. Document flow and inventory management, contracts and other legal details.

7. Investment generation

Comprehensive preparation of your story for external funding and search for better conditions for getting financing for further development.

There are several ways to connect available. Whichever option you decide to choose, I usually make sure to reply within a business day.