About me

There is no limit

Today I manage a company producing its own jewellery pieces under the Leta brand. It was launched in 2016 and built up from scratch at every level, from merely an idea to strong online sales and presence in dozens of stores in several countries around the world. We are a team of 20 people. Despite the decline in consumer purchasing power in Russia, our growth doubled in 2021.

My previous project is We heart Moscow. A Moscow guide for expats and tourists was launched in 2012. Now it also entails day tours guided in 4 languages, with 12 000 visitors of the website monthly. The project still belongs to me, but is placed under external management.

Along with the permanent projects I also help other businesses with their communication strategies, growth of online sales, and my favourite part — everything that can possibly make the consumer happy.

I have a degree in culture studies specialising in direct advertising.