One-hour consultations

Entrepreneurship is cool. But not always easy to navigate

Get a one-hour consultation on several topics at once. For three days after our meeting, you will be able to submit additional questions and I’ll offer written response.

1. Choose topics for our conversation:

  • how to start your business
  • legal procedures
  • finance models, investments, loans, support programmes
  • optimisation of business processes
  • product grid
  • marketing self-presentation and promo instruments
  • crisis management
  • making a client happy

2. Get prepared a little bit…

It is better to submit general questions beforehand, so that the consultation becomes more practical. For the most part you can choose the format of our meeting: in person, video call, audio call.

3. Get in touch!

There are several ways to connect available. Whichever option you decide to choose, I usually make sure to reply within a business day.